The Company

From its foundation in 1986, the Philippe Saire Company has created some thirty shows, with more than 1,000 performances in 200 cities across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and America.

VacarmeÉtude sur la LégèretéVie et Mœurs du Caméléon Nocturne, La Haine de la Musique, Les Affluents[ob]seen, Could I just draw your attention to the brevity of life?, Cartographies and Black Out are some of the productions that have enabled Cie Philippe Saire to build an international reputation.

The Company also performs regularly at art galleries, in gardens, urban spaces and other outdoor venues. From 2002 to 2012, the Cartographies project, which combines performances and video production, has born witness to Saire’s constant desire to get dance out of the interior performing space. The 11 in situ choreographies, filmed by 9 producers from French-speaking Switzerland, including Lionel Baier, Fernand Melgar, Bruno Deville, Pierre-Yves Borgeaud and Philippe Saire himself, were shown 300 times in festivals around the world.

This taste for experimentation also led to the creation of a an ongoing series called Dispositifs with choreographies on the verge of visual arts: In Black Out (creation 2011, 150th performance in 2015!), the movements of the dancers draw shapes in some black substance on stage while the audience watch from above. NEONS (2014) stages a couple dancing in a world of lights and shadows. With Vacuum, Saire explores further the visual perception of movement with lyrical and inspiring result, as it moves forward through the history of art, from Renaissance paintings to photographic development.

Cie Philippe Saire is in permanent residency at Théâtre Sévelin 36, Lausanne.