Choreographic interventions in the urban landscape 2002-2012

11 choreographies, 11 locations, 9 film makers

Cartographies is a project that was lead by Philippe Saire from 2002 to 2012 as a series of 11 “performances” throughout the city of Lausanne, Switzerland.
The aim was to search for new ways of printing bodies on landscapes and create fresh identities for urban spaces. Dance comes out of its usual places and meets the public in everyday spaces and situations.
In order to keep a permanent record of these ephemeral interventions in the cityscape, the work was filmed by film makers – Lionel Baier, Fernand Melgar, Bruno Deville, Kamal Musale, Pierre-Yves Borgeaud, Massimo Furlan, Mario del Curto, Alain Margot and Philippe Saire himself.
The videos have already been widely spread around the world, in festivals and cinemas.

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cartographies_coverMediumIncludes the 11 short films by Lionel Baier, Fernand Melgar, Bruno Deville, Kamal Musale, Pierre-Yves Borgeaud, Mario del Curto, Massimo Furlan, Alain Margot and Philippe Saire.
Also written contributions by Luc Gwiazdzinski, Grégoire Junod, Laurent Matthey, Ola Söderström et Filippo Zanghì.

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Cartographie 1 – Mini-golf
Mini-golf du Petit-Chêne, Lausanne
Chorégraphie: Philippe Saire
Film: Kamal Musale
8′ – 2002

Cartographie 2 – Les Arches
Arches du Grand-Pont, Lausanne
Chorégraphie: Philippe Saire
Film: Philippe Saire
6’50 – 2002

Cartographie 3 – Interface
Place de l’Europe, Lausanne
Chorégraphie: Philippe Saire
Film: Pierre-Yves Borgeaud
14’30 – 2003

Cartographie 4 – (Ha Ha Hey)
what are 
you doing?
Piscine de Bellerive
Chorégraphie: Philippe Saire
Film: Massimo Furlan
18’20 – 2004

Cartographie 5 – Rue centrale 17-19
Rue centrale
Choreography: Philippe Saire
Film: Alain Margot
10’30 – 2004

Cartographie 6 – La Vallée de la Jeunesse
Toit du petit théâtre, Vallée de la Jeunesse
Choreography: Philippe Saire
Film: Fernand Melgar
26’50 – 2005

Cartographie 7 – Le Bassin
Bassin, aile droite du Palais de Rumine
Choreography: Philippe Saire
Film: Philippe Saire
10’40 – 2008

Cartographie 8 – L’Îlot
La Maladière, terminus du bus n° 1
Choreography: Philippe Saire
Film: Mario Del Curto
13’30 – 2008

Cartographie 9 – La Boule d’Or
Pont Chauderon, terrain de boules
Choreography: Philippe Saire
Film: Bruno Deville
13’30 – 2008

Cartographie 10 – Le Jardin des Colombes
Jardin de l’ancienne Académie, La Cité
Choreography: Philippe Saire
Film: Philippe Saire
8′ – 2012

Cartographie 11 – En Onze
Escaliers du parc de Valency
Choreography: Philippe Saire
Film: Lionel Baier
9’10 – 2012