The book in Paris and its limited edition!

aTravers_cover petite

The book “à travers” is out in Switzerland and in Paris!

Also out: its limited edition (70 ex.) with a cover made out of dance marley that was used for Black Out!

à travers, perspectives sur le travail de Philippe Saire was published in collaboration with A•Type editors:

9 articles in French, nine points of view on Philippe Saire’s work.
Under the supervision of Hervé Gauville, contributions by Stéphane Bouquet, Julien Burri, Yvane Chapuis, Roberto Fratini Serafide, Robert Ireland, Brigitte Paulino-Neto, Chantal Prod’Hom and Philippe Saire.

304 pages of which 100 photographies in parallel to the articles.
Photographers: Gregory Batardon, Mario Del Curto, Martine Gaillard, Jean-Pascal Imsand, Magali Koenig, Yves Leresche, Fanny Meyer, Philippe Weissbrodt

Standard edition 42 CHF / 33.60 EUR
Limited edition 90 CHF / 72 EUR

The book is out in bookshops in Switzerland, a few nice locations in Paris:
Librairie du Rond Point
Librairie Flammarion Centre (Centre Pompidou)
Librairie du Centre culturel suisse
Les Mots à la bouche
Le Coupe-papier (Odéon)
Libralire (Colline)
Librairie Théâtrale

Also through the itinerary and web shop Books on the move.
The limited edition is available on request at: /